Quality Credit Services, Inc.
167 Summerfield Lane
Butler, KY 41006
Phone: 1-800-763-1580
Email: support@myfinancialadvantage.com

Quality Credit Services, Inc.'s corporate office is located in Georgetown, KY. Quality Credit Services, Inc. is recognized as one of the premier credit restoration, debt settlement and mortgage consulting companies within the United States.

The purpose of our program is to provide the consumer with a realistic, affordable, and effective approach to restoring their past financial situation. Quality Credit Services, Inc. has helped thousands of consumers just like you get the credit they deserve and we are looking forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied customers.

Unlike many companies who make big promises and guarantees that they cannot always live up to, Quality Credit Services, Inc. has developed a program that follows the letter of the law and is designed to help restore your credit history back to the best shape possible.

Quality Credit Services, Inc. makes no claims to be able to remove accurate and verifiable information from your credit history; however, the laws are designed to protect you the consumer as well as the credit bureaus. Just because information on your report may be accurate, it is still the responsibility of the creditor and the bureau to verify its validity.

There are steps that can be taken to help you improve your scores without doing anything illegal. We do not use methods such as File Segregation or Repetitive Disputing. Quality Credit Services, Inc. can legally and effectively dispute the negative information contained on your credit file in your behalf by utilizing the FCRA and the CROA. Quality Credit Services, Inc. can and will provide you with realistice results without misleading you in the process.