Quality Credit Services, Inc.
167 Summerfield Lane
Butler, KY 41006
Phone: 1-800-763-1580
Email: support@myfinancialadvantage.com

Who can Quality Credit Services, Inc. help?
Anyone with credit or debt problems! Whether you've filed bankruptcy or just have a few late pays, we can also help. If you need to get out of debt, we can help. No matter what your current credit situation is there is always something that can be done to improve it, and our consultants can give you the answers you need during your FREE CONSULTATION.

Is it illegal to have your credit report repaired?
No! It is not illegal or immoral. In fact, that is what the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act is all about as well as the Credit Repair Organizations Act. These laws were enacted for the very purpose of giving you the power of the law to back us up against the intrusion of the credit bureaus into our lives. It also offers a checks and balance system. If you were not able to question the reporting of information about us and it's validity, accuracy, and ownership, then the bureaus could get away with reporting anything that they wanted to.

Can information really be changed or deleted from your credit report?
Absolutely! Depending on the status of the negative item being disputed. If it is not 100% accurate, if it is misleading, outdated, obsolete, or can no longer be verified by federal law it must be updated or removed.

Are credit bureaus a government agency?
Abolutely NOT! They are simply privately owned companies that make money by selling your information to anyone who will buy it.

Is there anything that Quality Credit Services, Inc. can do that I can't do myself?
Quality Credit Services, Inc. is simply a service. There is nothing we do that you can't do all by yourself. However most people do not have the time, patience, or the know how to deal with the credit bureaus. This is where we can help!